Sunday, January 21, 2007

Sunday Afternoon

This is what a Sunday afternoon should be... sunny outside, playoff football on TV (Bears in the Superbowl baby!), amazing leftover food in the fridge (thanks babe!) and some nice wine!

I spent a couple hours moving my Apple eMac from the bedroom out to the living room and hooking it up to my stereo. It is really nothing more than a iTunes machine, so why not connect it directly to my stereo. Next step is a s-video adapter to connect it to the TV and then... replace it with a new Apple Mac Mini for a true home media center. I moved the Airport Express into the bedroom and connected the printer to it for sharing and left the JBL Alien speakers in the bedroom, hooked up to the TV. Great TV sound now! The bedroom looks so much better without the computer desk and my entertainment wall now looks even more geeky! I don't even need a keyboard and mouse on eMac since I have Apple Remote Desktop installed so I can control it from my 12" G4 laptop. The EyeTV is even hooked up and working now so I have a PVR as well.

It's Not Cheap to be a Fan

This isn't an attack on John Mellencamp, it's an attack of the music industry. I have alot of respect for John. The music industry has gone to hell.

It used to be that when a new album came out by your favorite artist you went to the record store and bought a copy, any record store since they all had the same release. Then I am guessing sometime around the 80's or early 90's releases in Japan began to appear with the bonus tracks. This was an attempt by the Japanese music industry to get their local consumers to purchase the Japanese release since often the import from the US would be less expensive.

Then a few years ago thinks began to get out of control. It started with Target and Walmart doing something to get you to purchase a new release from them. But this is what it has turned into. Just look at all of the different releases that are now available for John Mellencamp's new release Freedom's Road. This information came directly from his official website.

Freedom's Road is to be released in a number of promotional configurations that will vary from the standard 10 track CD. Here is a breakdown of what various versions are available:

Best Buy
Package includes second bonus CD including acoustic versions of "Ghost Towns Along The Highway," "Someday," "Rural Route" and a rough mix of "The Americans."

Wal-Mart and
Special Two-Pack edition that features the CD and a DVD for one low price. DVD includes performances from MTV Unplugged of "Love and Happiness" and "Jackie Brown", performances from VH1 Storytellers of "Eden Is Burning" and "Pink Houses" along with the video for "Our Country."
If purchased online, a free download of the country version of "The Americans" is included.

Circuit City
Inside the CD is a slip with a code for a free digital download of a rough mix of "Someday."

Bundled with download purchase of the full record is the video for "Our Country" and rough mixes of "Ghost Towns Along The Highway" and "Forgiveness."

Tour Edition: Inside the CD package is a digital code that will allow access for you to purchase up to four pre-sale tickets for John's upcoming tour.

Independent Music Stores
Freedom's Road bookmark given at time of purchase. Click HERE for a list of stores offering the bookmark.
Special bundled discount on the purchase of the CD and "Our Country" T-Shirt.

That is eight different purchase opportunities, for the SAME damn release! What the hell is that all about?! Does the music industry think that fans are made of money and will purchase all the versions? One fan could end up with eight copies of the same album just so they can get the various bonus tracks. Puts more money into the pockets of the record label. You know what I think really happens, the fans buy one copy and then download illegally all of the other bonus tracks. You know what is funny about that, the labels are doing all of these special bonus' to combat downloading. They feel you will buy the new releases if you get more than just the album, stuff you can't find anywhere else. Oh, and the retailers think you will buy from them because they have something nobody else has. BS! It's just another way for the music industry to rape their customers, while at the same time blaming those customers for the collapse of the music industry.

Stop raping our pocket books and start treating us like customers, listen to us. I have spent 10s of thousands of dollars on music in my life, and have the cds and vinyl to prove it. I also have no problem paying $.99 to download a song. This crap with eight different versions has got to stop! You're not making more money, you're making more pirates!

Currently listening :
Blood Stained Love Story
By Saliva
Release date: By 23 January, 2007

Thursday, January 18, 2007

I'm Going Home!

Yea! I am in the Vegas airport waiting to board my flight back to SF. I have been here since last Friday and it is time to go home and do some cuddling and maybe a bit more. This trip was a blast, but there is nothing better than going home. Plus even though I don't really gamble, Vegas got $240 from me and it's time to leave the temptation of just one pull on the slot.

Just How Cold Was It In Las Vegas?

This is how damn cold it has been in Las Vegas!

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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Piss Off!

Came across this game in the restroom at the Barbery Coast, unfortunately nobody wanted to play.

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The Big Elvis

Las Vegas is great, especially the smaller hotels. You never know what you might find and tonight I found The Big Elvis! I only caught about the last 10-15 minutes of his show, but it was great. Sounded just like Elvis, but looked... well not quite. Big Elvis was BIG, REAL BIG! I'm talking maybe 300 lbs! Big Elvis Website.

Cell Phone Carriers Suck

Those who know me it won't come as a surprise that I will be purchasing the Apple Phone when it becomes available. I contacted my current carrier T-Mobile to confirm when my contract ends since I will need to switch to Cingular. They emailed me the info, but then started the pitch to keep me. In the last week two differnet reps have emailed me doing their song and dance.

Below is my latest reply to just a couple points he made.

To T-Mobile --

I appreciate the email, but I have to question the form letter response. (Yep, it was a form letter where they just dropped in Apple Phone in a couple places)

"Would it only be for the Apple handset, because if it is, we sincerely believe we can provide you with more beneficial handset options and prices" (This was the first moment I laughed out loud. I guess in the next few months T-Mobile is going to release something even better than the Apple phone, LOL! This tells me they don't even know about the Apple phones abilities.)

It is only because of the Apple handset that I will be changing carriers, but unless T-Mobile has something secret in development that surpasses the technology of the iPhone I don't believe a more beneficial handset could be provided.

"the way technology is moving at such a rapid forward pace, in a few months, in all likelihood the handset you may be interested in today may be supplanted by a better and later version by us here at T-Mobile. " (LOL!! Again, sounds like T-Mobile is planning to release something better.)

Please, I hope you know that the Apple phone is the cutting edge, far surpassing all current handsets available from T-Mobile, or any other carrier. I highly doubt that anyone is going to develop or release a better handset between now and the end of the year.

"You actually eligible to qualify for our maximum rebate reduction from November 17, 2007, with respect to price, on a wide array of our leading edge T-Mobile Handsets." (this statement just sealed it. I have had wanted to upgrade phones twice in the last couple years, but T-Mobile wouldn't do anything special since I wasn't eligible for an upgrade. I signed a contract so tough you have to pay full price. Now they don't want to loose me.)

This point is just a complete joke. I have wanted to upgrade to smartphones from T-Mobile in the past but the way you treated this loyal customer that you don't want to loose now was to tell me I had to buy the handset at full price, or a $50 discount. You only care about recruiting new customers, offering new customers great deals to get them into your contract. Once under contract then you show little or no concern. You make it very desirable for existing customers to want to leave. You treated me an existing customer with no concern. I want the latest and best phone, but I have to pay full price because I am not eligible for a upgrade. You yourself said technology changes every few months, yet your upgrade program does not allow me to take advantage of this, I either pay full price or wait a year or so.

I will be purchasing the iPhone, and unless the phone is offered unlocked I will be switching to Cingular when my T-Mobile contract ends.

(Can't wait to see the next reply. I suspect at some point I might even get a phone call.)

Last Day in Vegas

Today is my last full day in Vegas, I have been here since last Friday. I am TIRED! Spent most of yesterday in meetings on the show floor. I have a pile of business cards and stacks of notes to sort through... but, lots of huge future business was setup. It's still cold as crap here, the waterfall in front of the Tropicana is frozen, gotta take a pic of that today. Gavin and I had a real nice dinner with one of our biggest clients, Al, and his wife.

Today I am going to really just take it easy. One person I have to meet with, but other than that not much scheduled. Maybe tonight I will head downtown to Fremont Street, I have never seen the light show.

More later.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Still in Vegas - The Rat Pack and Whorehouses

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Sunday, January 14, 2007

2007 AVN Award Show

It's the morning after the 2007 AVN Awards Show. I am a bit tired and a bit hungover. Not too bad. 7000 people converged on the Mandalay Bay Events Center for the first awards show open to the public. Most people were dressed to impress, suits and evening gowns. Much more impressive than the trade show. I arrived around 8:30 to watch the "red carpet" with another co-worker. Man so many of these adult stars look the same, there is just nothing unique looking about many of them. I found my seat at 9:45 for the show. The main floor was all tables except for a few rows of chairs right up front.

When the show kicked off it was loud, the mix for the live band was terrible. I had a great time at the show and found it very entertaining. What struck my most was how they are trying to be so serious. Just like the Academy Awards they had star presenters, they listed the nominated stars or titles, shows brief clips and the winner would come up on stage accept their award and give a thank you speech. But, it is just hard to take too seriously because it is for porn. These are awards for things like best girl girl, best group sex, etc and let's be honest some of these girls can't manage too much dialogue in a film, let alone a thank you speech. One group of girls presenting got lost walking out to the center mic stand. Some of them were so touched by winning, one of the early winners said she was so happy to win for something not involving anal this time. How can you not just laugh at an acceptance speech like that! Another said nothing more than "I love sucking c$%#!" Of course when the winner for Best Interracial Series is "My Hot Wife is F$%#ing Blackzilla" you just have to laugh! Please, this is not and will not ever be something serious like the Academy Awards, but it was extremely entertaining!

The show production was top notch with lights, video, music. Comedian Jim Norton was a riot! Buckcherry ended the evening with a performance of Crazzy Bitch. Gene Simmons was a special guest and he was even awarded with the Golden Tongue Award, something that caught him by surprise. There is no reason why this awards show shouldn't continue to grow bigger and bigger, but eveyone just has to remember to not be too serious... this goes for those watching and attending as well as those producing and presenting.

I can't wait for next years show!

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Las Vegas AVN Show

Saturday morning in Las Vegas. Arrived yesterday for the AVN expo... Adult Video News expo. First you need to know it is COLD in Vegas. Currently it is 26 degress, there were even snow flurries yesterday. Today it should only be about 40 degress.

Wild show, the AVN sexpo, I mean expo. Huge convention hall filled with large and loud booths. Lots of lights and loud music. Everywhere you turn you see blonde, boobs and butts and much of it does not look that great. Saw Skreech promoting his film, saw Jenna Jameson --- wow is she a twig, like maybe 90 lbs. She must be starving herself. Gene Simmons was walking around with his Family Jewels TV crew, causing a stir like only Gene can do. Couldn't get close enough to say hi to Uncle Gene. He is around today as well, maybe I will run into him. I had quite a few meetings yesterday, yeah I am here working, and have a few more today. Tonight there are a number of parties after the awards show. I may attend the Vivid Alt party with my director friend Octavio, otherwise I will check out the House of Blues.

I will post some photos so you can what this is all about.

I needed a space heater in bed with me last night to keep me warm, unfortunately my heater is back home.

Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Today is a New Holiday

Today will forever be known as the day the iPhone was born. Geeks around the world all drooled over their keyboards at the same time as Steve Jobs unvieled the iPhone, a device that IS going to change computing and communication. The debut iPhone is way beyond what I, and many others, expected to be unvieled. Not just a cell phone, not just a iPod... but really a computer in the palm of your hand running OSX. I imagine a time in the not too distant future when the iPhone will wirelessly connect to a keyboard and mouse... opps that could be right now since it has Bluetooth. How about then just hooking up an external monitor. With that you will soon have a replacement for a laptop at work. I want one NOW, not June, and I don't care that Apple will surely release 2nd generation iPhones around November, just in time for Xmas. Will the iPod as we know it today slowly disappear, to be replaced by the iPhone? Will Apple's % of the operating system market increase because all these phones run OSX? Will Bill Gates be heard cursing Steve Jobs again!

I can't wait to see the iPhone costumes, bet they are going to be hot!

That was God; he only thinks he's Steve Jobs

So, Bill Gates dies, and ascends to heaven. He meets up with Saint Peter at the gates and says "Hey, it's Bill, I'm just going to go on in." And Saint Peter says, "Sorry Bill, everyone is equal in God's eyes. You need to stand in line like everyone else."

Grudgingly, Gates walks to the end of the enormous line of folks awaiting entrance. As he's waiting, an iPod-white limo passes him and rolls up to heaven's gate's. The door opens and out steps Steve Jobs. Saint Peter greets him and, after a few brief words, welcomes him into heaven.

Gates is furious. He storms up to the front of the line and confronts Saint Peter: "Hey! I thought you said everyone was equal here! But, I just saw Steve Jobs cut to the front of the line and you let him in without a second thought.

And Saint Peter laughs and replies, "Oh no, that wasn't Steve Jobs. That was God; he only thinks he's Steve Jobs."