Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Still in Vegas - The Rat Pack and Whorehouses

I'm still in Vegas, it's around 7am on Tuesday and I have been up for a couple hours, after going to bed around 3am... just can't sleep. And surprising no real hangover after last nights opening night Internext parties.

But, let's back up a couple days to Sunday. Since I had the day off between shows I decided to take in a show. The winning show was The Rat Pack is Back. It is playing at the Greek Isles, yeah I thought the same thing... where?! The hotel is a real dive, but the show was amazing! A great tribute to Frank, Sammy, Dean and Joey. "Joey" has the crowd rolling with laughter and the songs were right on. What an era that was, I just wish I could go back in time and see the real Pack at the Sands. The show is not expensive at all so everyone should definitely check it out if you get to Vegas.

Whorehouses? Yep, you read that right. Before you say anything, no I didn't go. Let me explain. Last night Gavin (coworker) and I attended a couple parties of some clients. First up was the Adultspace.com launch party at the Sapphire Strip Club. Great time, great drinks (free) and great people! Oh and a great website. Plug time... if you don't like dealing with the BS of MySpace head over to Adultspace.com and create an account. You can act like an adult and not worry about your profile or pictures being deleted. The site has almost 1,000,000 members so it is active. Anyway hats off to Joey and Adultspace crew for such a great time!

Next we had to head over to The Olympic Gardens for the Girls of the Internet 2007 party thrown by my friend and client Brad Fitzgerald. But the real excitement was the cab ride over. Oh, before I forget, if you are in Vegas and are going to a strip club don't take a cab. The cabbies get a kickback from the clubs for each person they bring in, as high as $70 per person. And if you come by cab, you WILL have to pay a cover charge. Call the club and have them send over a shuttle or limo, they are free. Just tip the driver nicely. Once at the club you will get in free. Ok, back to the cab ride to the OG. Half way there the cab gets a flat. The cabbie had been asking us what we did for a living and Gavin and I filled him in. The cabbie was sorry for the flat and called his friend at the OG to send a car over to pick us up. While waiting he proceeded to say that if we want he will take care of us and drive us to a "whoreshouse only $250." Imagine this in Russian accent. Then he adds his friend at the OG also runs an excort agnecy and he can take of us there as well. Gavin and I are laughing. I'm telling Gavin, he is going to kill us, as we sit on side of the road. Finally the car arrives to take us to the OG. The party for the GOTI rocked, great job Brad. While at the club the cabbie tried calling my cell, I didn't pick up, then called Gavin and he answered. He wanted to check and see if we wanted to "goto whorehouse." We didn't! I wonder what his kickback would have been there?

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