Monday, August 21, 2006

Back home

Back home from Hawaii, what an amazing trip! Five days in Oahu! Spent one day over on the big island touring the Volcano National Park. My new picture is taken on a lava flow. It is so hard to describe what it is like to walk on old lava flows. Very hard to top something as exciting as that, but swimming with sharks did. Saturday we spent a half hour in a shark cage three miles off the North Shore of Oahu surrounded by 15-20 sharks, 10-12 feet long. Total rush! Just before leaving the cage one shark bit through one of the ropes connecting the cage to the boat and got hooked, the shark then started to pull the cage under on one side. We weren't too scared, but the crew on the boat wanted to get us out pretty fast. I will post some photos later this week.

Tomorrow is day one at my new gig with Gamelink. I am very excited about this job and company.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Hawaii Next Week

Damn, why are the W and Q keys right next to each other on the keyboard! I meant to close a window in my browser by hitting CMD W, and hit Q instead... which quits the application! It quit before I could save my blog entry, so now I have to remember what I typed and do it again.

Next Wednesday I am off to Oahu, Hawaii for a short vacation before I start my new gig at Gamelink. Lyndsey is going along and it is going to be an amazing trip! We are going to fly over to the Big Island and spend the day touring the volcano -- which I guess just started erupting alot again. Another day we are heading up to the North Shore to swim with sharks. Well swim in a shark cage with sharks, but that is going to be wild crazy!

A couple very cool shows are coming to the Bay Area in the next couple months. Up first is Kill Hannah, The Rasmus and LostProphets. I love both Kill Hannah and The Rasmus and have been waiting a couple years for The Rasmus to tour the US. Then comes a Halloween show with Kill Hannah, LostProphets, Papa Roach and HIM.

Wednesday, August 9, 2006

9/11 = Inside Job

So last night I was clicking and a program on AccesSF called 9/11 = Inside Job caught my eye. I know you can't believe everything you read or see, but in this day and age you have to remember you can't also believe everything you see or read from the government. This program had ALOT of interesting observations about 9/11, all pointing to it being a inside job by our government. Do I believe it? Let's just say would I be shocked to learn that a attack was created to provide an excuse to goto war? No. I think the lesson is to educate yourself on those things that are important to you and be open to hearing all sides. Remember, the truth is out there.

Monday, August 7, 2006

Things Ain't That Bad

You know, things aren't that bad. What things? Whatever things that are going on in your life. Be happy and know that it could be alot worse. Be thankful, but always go out and get what you want and don't let anybody tell you no. Your life is your life, nobody elses. You want it, go get it!

Saturday, August 5, 2006

Sunday Bloody Sunday

I love mashups and I just heard this one earlier this week on Live 105. It is by RX and it is George Bush singing Sunday Bloody Sunday. Give it a listen, great job!

This is just weird

Thursday, August 3, 2006

The only thing you can count on is change.

So life just has a way of surprising you, throwing you a curve ball, keeping you on the edge. Yesterday FaceTime had a companywide staff reduction and I was part of the reduction. In a odd way I had a smile on my face as I was told the news. Nobody likes looking for work, but the light at the end of the tunnel excites me, what does life have in store for me this time. I know it will be great, exciting and even better. But, the trip through the tunnel to the light is just a bitch. There is a greater will controlling our lives and we just have to have some trust and belief.

The times they are a changing!