Saturday, May 26, 2007

Ace Frehley Recording New Album

We have heard this many times before... Ace will have a new album out in the Spring followed by a tour, but still if this is accurate then it is great news.

Post by Ed Trunk:

May 25th:
"Stopped by an visited my old friend Ace Frehley last night at the NYC studio where he is now mixing his upcoming CD. Ace is doing so well, is totally healthy and just in a great place now. I am very proud of him. Ace has recorded 10 new songs so far and is completing 3 to use as a demo for now. I can tell you there is some strong label interest so he will no doubt have several options to release it. I heard 2 of the 3 new songs that are being finalized and I must say I was really impressed with them. It is classic sounding Ace singing and playing. One track had a vocal from Ace that almost had a BEATLES type vibe, but still rockin. You will also be happy to know that Ace plays all guitar and sings all vocals. The recordings were made with a trio of Ace, Anton Fig on drums and new bassist Anthony Esposito (LYNCH MOB). The touring band will be Ace, Anthony and other players TBA. Ace also told me he wrote all the songs just before going into the studio, so this is all fresh stuff. I'm really excited by the two songs I heard. It is by far the most 'KISS-like' music from any past or present member of the bands respective solo albums. We hung out for a couple hours, talked about the old days and had some Japanese food. Really fun night and was great to see him as always. More news when I can share it and of course keep an ear on the radio shows and to this site for all the exclusive Ace news and music. Ace is back!

PS: There is NO set release date or live shows yet, when there is I will post!"

Eddie Trunk

We Have All Been There!

San Francisco is Invaded by Zombies

Friday evening San Francisco was invaded by Zombies looking for human brains. They were spotted trying to attack a passing cable car. For more photos as they attack the city, tourists and bystanders... CLICK!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Advice From Peter Criss, What Is He Saying?

Promark recently did a interview with former KISS drummer Peter Criss and one interesting response by Peter was...

Any advice for aspiring musicians and students?

* Peter: "Drummer willing to do anything to make it!" Don't sell your soul...

Sort of makes you go hmmmmmm? Easy enough to say now, after "selling your soul" got you to where you are in life, got you everything you have. Of course who did you sell your soul to? Some might think you are talking about Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley. Maybe you sold your soul to drugs and alcohol. So if you had it all over to do again, would you not join KISS?

He then adds...

Anything else that you want the world to know about you?

* I would like to say "Thank You" to my fans for the wonderful life you have given me and my family... God Bless!

You wouldn't have those fans to thank if you hadn't "sold your soul".

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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Reasons Not To Sign With The Major Labels

By Bob Lefsetz

1. They tell you what to do.

Are you following this Kelly Clarkson flap? She made an album from the heart, that she wrote. What did the label do? They shelved it for months, hoping she'd come to her senses and record some more upbeat hit tracks just like the ones she recorded before, positive not NEGATIVE! Who wants to hear about Kelly's love losses, no one in the audience ever broke up with their boyfriend!

Now you might think Kelly is a mindless twit, with a voice only. But she'll tell you she wrote hit records for others. And, she's sold a FUCK OF A LOT OF RECORDS!

Used to be selling records gave you leverage... If KELLY CLARKSON has no leverage, what hope is there for you, someone selling ONE TENTH the number of discs!

2. They're only in the disc business.

Well, we'll call it recorded music. If they ever figure out how to monetize Net acquisition, maybe their fortunes will change. But for now, the label only makes money if they sell your music. They'll do whatever it takes to sell your music, TODAY, to run up the value of the company so it can be sold to someone else. They'll whore you out to corporations (say this to yourself, "Verizon is not my friend."), release multiple singles (if they get any traction at all), do whatever's best for THEM, not YOU! Your career...they might pay lip service to it, but they don't really give a shit, the employees are probably not going to be IN this business by the time your next album comes out.

As for labels getting a piece of your touring income, other revenue sources, do you want to marry someone DESPERATE?

3. They don't pay you.

Oh, they'll give you an ever-shrinking advance. But royalties? No one sells enough albums to go into royalties anymore. And they own the rights to the recording. Terry McBride's got it right, you want to control all the rights, so you can license INSTANTLY! So you don't have to get someone on the phone to say YES to YOU about YOUR music!

Oh, they'll give you money to get started, but it's like making a deal with the Mafia, they own you, forever.

4. There's no one working there.

Most analysts believe Warner cut its workforce to make its balance sheet look better, to stanch losses, hopefully report profits. In other words, it's got nothing to do with whether these people were NEEDED, whether they had jobs integral to the company, just what their salaries and benefits were. Oh, the company can outsource these jobs, but when you go for a meeting at the label do you really want to sit in an empty boardroom with a speaker phone on a conference call with a zillion temporary workers? Whose allegiance is not to this company, hell, why should it be, they've got to make their nut every month, they've got OTHER CUSTOMERS!

So, going to the building to work the label...that's a passe concept.

And, what if they don't outsource/get independent contractors to do the work? Will it be done at all? And, how well, by the overworked, multitasking employees still left?

5. They just care SOMETHING hits.

The label doesn't give a shit about you hitting, they just care that SOMETHING breaks through. And as soon as it does, your work project goes to the bottom of the pile. If you own your own copyrights, own the label, you're ALWAYS the priority!

6. They control physical distribution, not online distribution.

They can get your disc in stores. Then again, CAN THEY?

Online, distribution is close to flat. Make a deal with CDBaby, they can get you on all the online services, can get you paid. You don't need to be with a major to get into the online store.

As for albums... Do you really think albums will be the definitive format in the future?

7. Tour support is a thing of the past.

Not completely. But it's just about gone. And more than ever you need to break on the road. If you're doing all the work, why shouldn't you get all the profit?

8. They only want you once you've proven yourself independently.

If you've created the base, why give up control now?

9. MTV is dead.

You don't need a big budget video which won't be aired anywhere anyway. You just need a digital camera and Final Cut Pro, maybe even iMovie, and you can create a video for almost nothing and put it up on YouTube where it's got as much presence, as much priority, as the majors' efforts. And, you control the budget. Zillions aren't spent, and they're not charged back to you.

10. Terrestrial music radio is dying.

If Pink can go to number one at Top Forty and languish at the bottom of the SoundScan Top Fifty, selling 15k a week, how important is that airplay ANYWAY? As for other formats... Hot AC doesn't sell many records, and AOR is an oldies format and the Alternative panel has shrunk to almost nothing and Active Rock...that's not selling tonnage either.

11. They specialize in saying no.

Music is now about inspiration, made by the seat of one's pants. You have to do business the same way. In this fast, ever-changing world, you need to take risks, you've got to make snap decisions, you've got to be able to say yes, QUICKLY! The major is against innovation, it's hard to get an answer AT ALL, never mind YES!

You want to give your new track away for free? No! They won't even let you SELL IT if it competes with the track they're working at radio/in the marketplace. It's not about artistry, but commerce.

But, if all you care about is commerce, if you want all your money up front, if you want to whore yourself out to corporations, do whatever it takes to sell your lame, paint by numbers built by committee music, then sign with the major label. I hope you achieve your goal and get instantly rich, because after this instant, you'll be done.

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Monday, May 21, 2007; How Little They Value Their Customers

Would you like to see just how much or how little values their customer?

I have been a customer for many years, until today. I will never order from them again, taking my business to any of the many other flower sites online. On May 9th I ordered two flowers, one to be delivered to my mom on May 11th for Mothers Day, and one to be delivered to Lyndsey on May 17th for her graduation. Leading up to Mothers Day I received discount countless offers from, including one that was a gift certificate for $10.00 off. Both flowers came for approximately $119 without the discount. The shopping cart accepted the gift certificate, applying it to the first flower to be delivered to my mom. I received order confirmations for each delivery, my moms order clearly showing the discount and Lyndsey's showing no discount applied. Everything was cool.

On May 11th my mom received her flowers. On May 18th I asked Lyndsey what she thought of the flowers, she said she hadn't received any. I had not received any emails or phone calls notifying my of problems. Since I was in Toronto on business I couldn't investigate until the 19th. I log into to check order status. My moms flowers were delivered just fine. Lyndsey's flowers show that they have not been delivered, but also do not say anything about why or what happened.

I pick up the phone to call customer service. They quickly inform me that the order is on hold because the gift certificate can't be applied to the order. They first told me I made a mistake in entering the gift certificate for the order. I explained I made no mistake, the order was entered successfully and the confirmation emails were just fine. I told them they had a problem with their system, it didn't notify me of any problem and now it is past the graduation, too late to deliver the flowers.

They acknowledged that it was their problem and kept apologizing. I was put on hold for a couple minutes while the rep talked to their "help desk." They returned and said they would discount my order for my moms flowers 20%, which would amount to about $8.00. I explained that is not good enough, I want a free order. They kept saying all they were authorized to do was a 20% discount. I could talk to a manager and explaining my situation and see if they would offer more. I was tired from flying all day and didn't want go through all of this again. I explained this, and said they could ask. To which they said no. At this point I said either resolve this with a manager or cancel my account and I will take my business elsewhere. I was informed that was all they could do. So, apparently a longtime customer is not worth more than $8.00.

After hanging up I sent the following email to customer service:

I want you to know that I am taking my business to Proflowers. The order above was for a graduation, and you never delivered it because there was a problem with the gift certificate used on the other delivery on this order. You never notified me of a problem so it could be resolved. You just put the order on hold. The graduation happened flowers were never delivered and I look really bad. I called and spoke with a CS rep on 5/19 and all they would do is apologize and take 20% off the order. You messed up bad on this and this is all you could do. I informed the rep to either do better, give me a free order, or I will cancel my account and take my business elsewhere. She wouldn't do anymore because that is all she was allowed to do. I didn't want to spend my time talking to managers and explain this again. She could do that if customer satisfaction is important to you. Since she didn't do anymore to resolve this and keep my business, my business is clearly not important to you. So, I will take my business elsewhere. I never expected this sort of service from you, I have always been please in the past. This one instance you messed up bad, wouldn't resolve to my satisfaction and therefore will loose my business.

I promptly received a generic reply that was meant to appear like it was personal to me. To which I responded:

Did you even read my email? I suspect not, that you just sent me a canned response, because it does nothing to relate to my problem.

I told you I am taking my business elsewhere and you respond with "look forward to serving your gifting needs in the future".

If anyone bothers to read this or cares, feel free to give me a real reply.

This email must have been read because then I received a response saying someone would call me. Ok, maybe someone will care a bit more about their customer and resolve this. They also stated, "Please be assured that the issue will be resolved to your complete satisfaction."

I did receive a call within about an hour. Sorry to say they didn't care any more this time then the initial call. Actually it was almost identical as the initial call... stating off my telling me made a mistake in entering the discount, and then apologizing and offering me 20% off the order and still sending the flowers to Lyndsey.

They made no additional effort to resolve the problem that they caused. They were more than willing to let a long standing customer leave, which is exactly what I told them I will do.

I then logged in to delete my account. Guess what, there is nothing online to delete your account, nothing in their HELP about how to delete your account. So, another email sent off asking how do this.

My last step to physically mail a letter to the corporate office.

This is not an isolated case, check out the similar complaints from other customers,

More complaints,

More complaints,

More complaints,

What do I want?

1. Apologize
2. Don't imply that this was my fault.
3. Accept responsibility that is at fault.
4. Give me a free order, for the value of the order messed up, next time.

That's it!

Sen. Who Favors Cell Phone Ban Caught Using Hers


SAN FRANCISCO - A California lawmaker, who favors a penalty for people caught driving while using their cell phone, reportedly caused a car accident this weekend while she was on her cell phone.

State Sen. Carole Migden, 58, D-San Francisco, was driving her state-issued SUV near Vallejo on Friday morning when she rear-ended another vehicle, according to the California Highway Patrol.

Officials say the vehicle in front of Migden was slowing down for a red light, when the senator slammed into the back of the car � which then ran into another van.

One driver complained of minor injuries, and Migden has taken responsibility for the crash.

Last year, Migden voted in favor of a new law that will impose a minimum fine of $20 for drivers caught using a cell phone on the road, without the aid of a hands-free device.

Migden will not be fined, however, because the new law doesn�t take effect until July 2008.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Back Home

Arrived home yesterday after spending a four days in Toronto on business. Had two full days of business meetings, starting at 9am and running until 7pm. Lots of interesting deals were discussed with some big companies. Three big relationships are already confirmed and being developed and should begin to see the light of day in the next 15-30 days.

Toronto is an exciting city with great food and shopping. Spent a couple hours Friday evening walking down Yonge St. An interesting little find was Monster Records. Something compelled e to enter and there right on the wall was a huge KISS shrine... posters, photos, articles, toys and more. But, the real interesting piece was an authentic show poster from 73 or 74 when KISS first played Toronto. See the photo.

Here is an interesting observation about Toronto... where are all the iPods? Walking around San Francisco you will see white headphones coming out of the ears of many passerby. In Toronto while walking around downtown and Yonge St. I saw one person with headphones. Ok, maybe I missed a couple others, but I was deliberately looking and they were not to be found. You know, it was kind of refreshing to see all these people walking and enjoying the sounds of the city.

New Music from Peter Criss

So, Peter Criss has a new album coming out on July 24th, and these are four of the new tracks.

One For All

Doesn't Get Better Than This

Last Night

Faces In The Crowd

After listening all I can say is "Somebody shoot me!"

Probably the best review I found was on Metal Sludge

- "Yo, dawg, sorry man, just wasn't feelin' it,y' was awful pitchy, just ...sorry man, y' still my dawg though."

- "you have a kind heart, I love your inner spirit, just keep following your heart...."

-"For God's sake Paula, Can't you ever be honest and critical??? Look Peter, to me, that was just horrendous, was pure and utter crap...the whole part with the kids chorus...pathetic...never sing again!"

Saturday, May 5, 2007

It's Scripted, But Still Fun

So, back to the topic of reality tv that isn't reality.

Gene Simmons Family Jewels is a fun and entertaining show, I don't miss an episode. But, it's not entirely reality. Just looking at one episode... when Gene was in NYC for MTV TRL and the hotel misplaced his costume.

That happened the day after the MTV filming. The hotel manager, not. Just an extra. If it had been reality, Gene would have been traveling with a road manager who would be responsible for Gene and Paul's activities and schedule, making sure everything is handled. They would have checked them into the hotel, made sure the luggage was all accounted for and delivered to the proper suites. They would have traveled with the bags. IF, there was a problem it would be the road manager who would have been dealing with Gene and then working with the hotel to locate the bag. It would be the road manager who would get his ass chewed out.

Think about it, if you check into a hotel and your bags are to be sent up to your room, if they don't almost immediately arrive (or at least within 30 minutes) you are calling. In the episode Gene seems to have had time to sleep (or nap) and eat and then he noticed he had no bags. Wouldn't you pay attention to something as important as your trademark costume? It makes for a great story, but please... not real.

As for the employee trying on the costume, sure it could happen. But really, if they had found a bag with a demon costume in it they would have contacted a manager asap.

I love the show, but not everything you see on TV is real. Even if they say so. Just like the internet.

The Best Website - TV-Links

This is the best website; simple, fast and serves a need. No fancy graphics, no flash, no BS... it just delivers what the user wants.


Looking for a tv show? Maybe a cartoon? A music video? A movie? It's all here on this website. Easy to navigate, no complicated registration, no setup. Just click and link and you are watching.