Sunday, January 21, 2007

It's Not Cheap to be a Fan

This isn't an attack on John Mellencamp, it's an attack of the music industry. I have alot of respect for John. The music industry has gone to hell.

It used to be that when a new album came out by your favorite artist you went to the record store and bought a copy, any record store since they all had the same release. Then I am guessing sometime around the 80's or early 90's releases in Japan began to appear with the bonus tracks. This was an attempt by the Japanese music industry to get their local consumers to purchase the Japanese release since often the import from the US would be less expensive.

Then a few years ago thinks began to get out of control. It started with Target and Walmart doing something to get you to purchase a new release from them. But this is what it has turned into. Just look at all of the different releases that are now available for John Mellencamp's new release Freedom's Road. This information came directly from his official website.

Freedom's Road is to be released in a number of promotional configurations that will vary from the standard 10 track CD. Here is a breakdown of what various versions are available:

Best Buy
Package includes second bonus CD including acoustic versions of "Ghost Towns Along The Highway," "Someday," "Rural Route" and a rough mix of "The Americans."

Wal-Mart and
Special Two-Pack edition that features the CD and a DVD for one low price. DVD includes performances from MTV Unplugged of "Love and Happiness" and "Jackie Brown", performances from VH1 Storytellers of "Eden Is Burning" and "Pink Houses" along with the video for "Our Country."
If purchased online, a free download of the country version of "The Americans" is included.

Circuit City
Inside the CD is a slip with a code for a free digital download of a rough mix of "Someday."

Bundled with download purchase of the full record is the video for "Our Country" and rough mixes of "Ghost Towns Along The Highway" and "Forgiveness."

Tour Edition: Inside the CD package is a digital code that will allow access for you to purchase up to four pre-sale tickets for John's upcoming tour.

Independent Music Stores
Freedom's Road bookmark given at time of purchase. Click HERE for a list of stores offering the bookmark.
Special bundled discount on the purchase of the CD and "Our Country" T-Shirt.

That is eight different purchase opportunities, for the SAME damn release! What the hell is that all about?! Does the music industry think that fans are made of money and will purchase all the versions? One fan could end up with eight copies of the same album just so they can get the various bonus tracks. Puts more money into the pockets of the record label. You know what I think really happens, the fans buy one copy and then download illegally all of the other bonus tracks. You know what is funny about that, the labels are doing all of these special bonus' to combat downloading. They feel you will buy the new releases if you get more than just the album, stuff you can't find anywhere else. Oh, and the retailers think you will buy from them because they have something nobody else has. BS! It's just another way for the music industry to rape their customers, while at the same time blaming those customers for the collapse of the music industry.

Stop raping our pocket books and start treating us like customers, listen to us. I have spent 10s of thousands of dollars on music in my life, and have the cds and vinyl to prove it. I also have no problem paying $.99 to download a song. This crap with eight different versions has got to stop! You're not making more money, you're making more pirates!

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