Sunday, January 21, 2007

Sunday Afternoon

This is what a Sunday afternoon should be... sunny outside, playoff football on TV (Bears in the Superbowl baby!), amazing leftover food in the fridge (thanks babe!) and some nice wine!

I spent a couple hours moving my Apple eMac from the bedroom out to the living room and hooking it up to my stereo. It is really nothing more than a iTunes machine, so why not connect it directly to my stereo. Next step is a s-video adapter to connect it to the TV and then... replace it with a new Apple Mac Mini for a true home media center. I moved the Airport Express into the bedroom and connected the printer to it for sharing and left the JBL Alien speakers in the bedroom, hooked up to the TV. Great TV sound now! The bedroom looks so much better without the computer desk and my entertainment wall now looks even more geeky! I don't even need a keyboard and mouse on eMac since I have Apple Remote Desktop installed so I can control it from my 12" G4 laptop. The EyeTV is even hooked up and working now so I have a PVR as well.

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