Sunday, January 14, 2007

2007 AVN Award Show

It's the morning after the 2007 AVN Awards Show. I am a bit tired and a bit hungover. Not too bad. 7000 people converged on the Mandalay Bay Events Center for the first awards show open to the public. Most people were dressed to impress, suits and evening gowns. Much more impressive than the trade show. I arrived around 8:30 to watch the "red carpet" with another co-worker. Man so many of these adult stars look the same, there is just nothing unique looking about many of them. I found my seat at 9:45 for the show. The main floor was all tables except for a few rows of chairs right up front.

When the show kicked off it was loud, the mix for the live band was terrible. I had a great time at the show and found it very entertaining. What struck my most was how they are trying to be so serious. Just like the Academy Awards they had star presenters, they listed the nominated stars or titles, shows brief clips and the winner would come up on stage accept their award and give a thank you speech. But, it is just hard to take too seriously because it is for porn. These are awards for things like best girl girl, best group sex, etc and let's be honest some of these girls can't manage too much dialogue in a film, let alone a thank you speech. One group of girls presenting got lost walking out to the center mic stand. Some of them were so touched by winning, one of the early winners said she was so happy to win for something not involving anal this time. How can you not just laugh at an acceptance speech like that! Another said nothing more than "I love sucking c$%#!" Of course when the winner for Best Interracial Series is "My Hot Wife is F$%#ing Blackzilla" you just have to laugh! Please, this is not and will not ever be something serious like the Academy Awards, but it was extremely entertaining!

The show production was top notch with lights, video, music. Comedian Jim Norton was a riot! Buckcherry ended the evening with a performance of Crazzy Bitch. Gene Simmons was a special guest and he was even awarded with the Golden Tongue Award, something that caught him by surprise. There is no reason why this awards show shouldn't continue to grow bigger and bigger, but eveyone just has to remember to not be too serious... this goes for those watching and attending as well as those producing and presenting.

I can't wait for next years show!

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