Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Cell Phone Carriers Suck

Those who know me it won't come as a surprise that I will be purchasing the Apple Phone when it becomes available. I contacted my current carrier T-Mobile to confirm when my contract ends since I will need to switch to Cingular. They emailed me the info, but then started the pitch to keep me. In the last week two differnet reps have emailed me doing their song and dance.

Below is my latest reply to just a couple points he made.

To T-Mobile --

I appreciate the email, but I have to question the form letter response. (Yep, it was a form letter where they just dropped in Apple Phone in a couple places)

"Would it only be for the Apple handset, because if it is, we sincerely believe we can provide you with more beneficial handset options and prices" (This was the first moment I laughed out loud. I guess in the next few months T-Mobile is going to release something even better than the Apple phone, LOL! This tells me they don't even know about the Apple phones abilities.)

It is only because of the Apple handset that I will be changing carriers, but unless T-Mobile has something secret in development that surpasses the technology of the iPhone I don't believe a more beneficial handset could be provided.

"the way technology is moving at such a rapid forward pace, in a few months, in all likelihood the handset you may be interested in today may be supplanted by a better and later version by us here at T-Mobile. " (LOL!! Again, sounds like T-Mobile is planning to release something better.)

Please, I hope you know that the Apple phone is the cutting edge, far surpassing all current handsets available from T-Mobile, or any other carrier. I highly doubt that anyone is going to develop or release a better handset between now and the end of the year.

"You actually eligible to qualify for our maximum rebate reduction from November 17, 2007, with respect to price, on a wide array of our leading edge T-Mobile Handsets." (this statement just sealed it. I have had wanted to upgrade phones twice in the last couple years, but T-Mobile wouldn't do anything special since I wasn't eligible for an upgrade. I signed a contract so tough you have to pay full price. Now they don't want to loose me.)

This point is just a complete joke. I have wanted to upgrade to smartphones from T-Mobile in the past but the way you treated this loyal customer that you don't want to loose now was to tell me I had to buy the handset at full price, or a $50 discount. You only care about recruiting new customers, offering new customers great deals to get them into your contract. Once under contract then you show little or no concern. You make it very desirable for existing customers to want to leave. You treated me an existing customer with no concern. I want the latest and best phone, but I have to pay full price because I am not eligible for a upgrade. You yourself said technology changes every few months, yet your upgrade program does not allow me to take advantage of this, I either pay full price or wait a year or so.

I will be purchasing the iPhone, and unless the phone is offered unlocked I will be switching to Cingular when my T-Mobile contract ends.

(Can't wait to see the next reply. I suspect at some point I might even get a phone call.)

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