Saturday, August 25, 2007

Geeks, You Just Gotta Love Us!

So a few weeks ago I read something about a Donkey Kong movie coming out soon. Since Donkey Kong was MY game as kid I wanted to see if I could out more about the film. Turns out it is a film called The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters. The movie opened yesterday, but since I was still recovering from my colonoscopy I would have to wait a day. No biggie.

So today I looked online and it is playing at the Lumiere in San Francisco. I bought my ticket for the 4:45 showing and headed out.

What a geekfest! Now I have no problem calling myself a geek, but damn, some of the players in this film are 100% pure geek, lol. Billy Mitchell one of the two main players comes across as a grown man who doesn't to give up his only claim to fame, a world record high score set in 1982. He looks like king geek with his minion geeks hanging on his whims to do his bidding. All in the name of a Donkey Kong high score. Steve Wiebe, the challenger to Billy's crown, is the new guy in town trying to break through an empire that was built around Billy to protect his crown. An empire that by the end of the film I think was starting to see that maybe Billy does have a problem and that Steve is a legit and honest competitor.

If you grew up in the golden age of video games in the arcades, or have interest in seeing what that golden age was like... go see this film. I loved it, it was funny, it brought back some great memories of playing Donkey Kong for hours after work when I was in high school.

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leftmindblind said...

Great post Michael. I did grow up in that era and oh....the memories. I was more of a Galaga guy myself. BTW, thanks again for the connection on LinkedIn.