Saturday, August 25, 2007

It Wasn't Bad At All

Colonoscopy, a word that sends fear into everyone. Fear not, the procedure itself was a breeze.

Yesterday I went in for a colonoscopy. The procedure actually started the day before when I had to begin the preparation. This was the worst part of the procedure. Over the course of about 5 hours I had to drink a gallon of a liquid that cleans you out. They give you a flavor packet to add, but trust me it really didn't improve it much. The liquid was clear, just a bit thick, somewhat salty and tastes terrible. About an hour after the first glass the cleaning process began. Wow, it sure works good! Oh and I forgot, no food at all starting 24 hours before the procedure, only a clear diet.

By Friday morning I was hungry and wanted to eat a poptart bad! I was scheduled to arrive at the clinic at 10:15am for a 10:45 appointment. Signed a couple forms when I arried, sat in the waiting for not even a minute when they called my name and it was time! Into a private room, changed into the hospital gown and got the rundown from the nurse about what was going to happen. She showed me the hardware, pretty cool looking actually. They have a high def monitor for watching everything. Basically a four foot long, black snake goes inside you. It's about the width of your thumb. They told me I could watch everything if I wanted. They also asked if I wanted photos... sure, why not! See photo!

When the Dr. arrived they administered the drugs, basically some Valium and morphine. I remember the nurse asking if the drugs were working, I said how will I know, but my vision what a bit out of focus. Next thing I clearly remember was waking up in the recovery room. It was done. Damn, I missed it all. I have some faint memories of looking at the monitor, and maybe of a small bit of pain. But, I really don't remember anything of the actual 15 minute procedure.

I spent the next hour in the recovery room sleeping it off. Lyndsey came to take me home as they wouldn't release me on my own. It was still a bit high, a bit bloated, but feeling fine and no real after effects. I am still trying to remember the procedure itself, but I think it is just a blank.

So, if you need a colonoscopy do it. Don't worry, it is completely painless.

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