Sunday, May 20, 2007

New Music from Peter Criss

So, Peter Criss has a new album coming out on July 24th, and these are four of the new tracks.

One For All

Doesn't Get Better Than This

Last Night

Faces In The Crowd

After listening all I can say is "Somebody shoot me!"

Probably the best review I found was on Metal Sludge

- "Yo, dawg, sorry man, just wasn't feelin' it,y' was awful pitchy, just ...sorry man, y' still my dawg though."

- "you have a kind heart, I love your inner spirit, just keep following your heart...."

-"For God's sake Paula, Can't you ever be honest and critical??? Look Peter, to me, that was just horrendous, was pure and utter crap...the whole part with the kids chorus...pathetic...never sing again!"

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