Saturday, May 5, 2007

It's Scripted, But Still Fun

So, back to the topic of reality tv that isn't reality.

Gene Simmons Family Jewels is a fun and entertaining show, I don't miss an episode. But, it's not entirely reality. Just looking at one episode... when Gene was in NYC for MTV TRL and the hotel misplaced his costume.

That happened the day after the MTV filming. The hotel manager, not. Just an extra. If it had been reality, Gene would have been traveling with a road manager who would be responsible for Gene and Paul's activities and schedule, making sure everything is handled. They would have checked them into the hotel, made sure the luggage was all accounted for and delivered to the proper suites. They would have traveled with the bags. IF, there was a problem it would be the road manager who would have been dealing with Gene and then working with the hotel to locate the bag. It would be the road manager who would get his ass chewed out.

Think about it, if you check into a hotel and your bags are to be sent up to your room, if they don't almost immediately arrive (or at least within 30 minutes) you are calling. In the episode Gene seems to have had time to sleep (or nap) and eat and then he noticed he had no bags. Wouldn't you pay attention to something as important as your trademark costume? It makes for a great story, but please... not real.

As for the employee trying on the costume, sure it could happen. But really, if they had found a bag with a demon costume in it they would have contacted a manager asap.

I love the show, but not everything you see on TV is real. Even if they say so. Just like the internet.

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