Sunday, May 20, 2007

Back Home

Arrived home yesterday after spending a four days in Toronto on business. Had two full days of business meetings, starting at 9am and running until 7pm. Lots of interesting deals were discussed with some big companies. Three big relationships are already confirmed and being developed and should begin to see the light of day in the next 15-30 days.

Toronto is an exciting city with great food and shopping. Spent a couple hours Friday evening walking down Yonge St. An interesting little find was Monster Records. Something compelled e to enter and there right on the wall was a huge KISS shrine... posters, photos, articles, toys and more. But, the real interesting piece was an authentic show poster from 73 or 74 when KISS first played Toronto. See the photo.

Here is an interesting observation about Toronto... where are all the iPods? Walking around San Francisco you will see white headphones coming out of the ears of many passerby. In Toronto while walking around downtown and Yonge St. I saw one person with headphones. Ok, maybe I missed a couple others, but I was deliberately looking and they were not to be found. You know, it was kind of refreshing to see all these people walking and enjoying the sounds of the city.

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