Sunday, February 11, 2007

A Lazy Sunday witn No Pain

The last week has been a wild ride. One week ago I had pain I hope to never feel again. Today I am just chilling, doing nothing and enjoying a quiet Sunday. I spent yesterday setting up my guitar rig. I felt that after 25 years of playing air guitar maybe I should try learning to play the real thing. So I purchased a inexpensive electric guitar, that has a built in direct USB connection so I can play it directly through my Mac. I went over to Guitar Center yesterday and got a case, stand and a Marshall practice amp. The Mac with Garageband is an amazing setup for creating music. In less than an hour I had hooked the guitar up directly to the USB port of my laptop, launched Garageband and was playing and recording directly through the computer. I didn't record anything that mattered, or played anything for that matter... really just made some noise. But the concept worked. If I already knew how to play I could be recording my own multi-track project, with multiple instruments. Damn, has Apple just made everything amazingly simple! Now I need to locate a guitar teacher and get some classes.

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