Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Kidney Stone Day Two

Last night wasn't too bad, I took a Torodal before going to bed and that helped me sleep. The pain was nowhere near as bad as Sunday night, but there were moments of very sharp pain and a constant discomfort. This morning I could feel it had moved lower, towards my bladder. There was more discomfort and moments of sharp pain. I decided to go out for a walk, since activity is supposed to help it pass. By noon I think I had also downed over 2 quarts of water. I know something was happening as I started to see small amounts of blood in my urine as well. About 30 minutes ago I am going to the bathroom and out drops a very small brown stone into the strainer. I was a bit surprised as there was no pain like giving birth, but also hoped that was it. It was definitely a stone (see the picture) around 2mm in size. I still feel a bit discomfort and bloating so I am not sure it there is more or not. I am going to keep drinking today and see if anything else gets flushed out.

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