Thursday, February 15, 2007

It's Thursday

Hope everyone had a great Valentine's Day. I was fortunate enought to spend mine with someone very cool. We had dinner at Cafe Mozart, "the most romantic restaurant in San Francisco". Well, that is their claim not mine. It was a nice little place, but more like eating dinner in your grandma's living room. The food was ok, not anything great. We had fun, and a number of laughs. After dinner we came home and opened some gifts and had some fun.

Still looking for a good teacher for guitar lessons.

At work today I booked my trip to Phoenix for the Phoenix Forum on March 29-31. Word is this a really good event. Also spent some time rebuilding some of the web pages on the portal site. In addition spent time preparing for my new hires first day on March 1.

I have a call next Tuesday with a couple music industry managers about a future web project, more later.

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