Monday, February 5, 2007


I have experienced real pain! Last night I ended up in the emergency room. It started around 1030pm as what felt like a really bad pulled muscle in my right side, rear, near the kidney. About 30 minutes later I got cold sweats and threw up everything I ate during the day. Still nothing I was real worried about, though a ruptured apendix did go threw my mind. Another half later and the pain move around to the front, and really started to get bad. At this time I told Lyndsey I mignt need to go to the hospital. The next 30 minutes the pain become INTENSE and we called 911. The 5-7 minutes it took for the paramedics to arrive was the longest wait. I was rolling in pain and screaming. Ruptured apendix was still going through my mind, but the paramedics suggested it could be a kidney stone. I must have arrived at the emergency room around midnight, in pain like you could not imagine! It seemed like forever, but it must have been about 10-15 minutes later and I was pumped with two shots of moriphen. Wow, that stuff works fast and is good. I could still feel the discomfort, but the pain was gone. They took blood and did a CAT scan. Sure enough, I had a 2 mm kidney stone. Oh my god the pain something that small can cause is unbelievable! Now the bad part, because it is so small they are going to let it pass naturally, yes pass... meaning work it's way out. The doctor described the upcoming pain as something close to giving birth. Oh boy, I can't wait! The next 48 hours I am waiting for the even worse pain!

More to come, stay tuned!

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