Sunday, November 12, 2006

Damn Computer

Damn, sometimes I hate computers! I come home from LA, sit down last night to catch up on some things on my Powerbook and it freezes. Now this has happened before and it has been sent back to Apple twice for repairs. Well obviously they haven't fixed it. The laptop won't startup on it's own, unable to locate a System to start from. But, I can easily boot it as a hard drive when connected to another computer, even us it to startup another computer. But the damn thing won't start on it's own. So what the hell is the problem. No apparent disk problems. Here is the kicker, the second repair was right when the warrenty ran out. So now it is five months past the end of the warrenty. You think if I bring it back to Apple again they will try and fix what they failed to do two prior times? I would hope so since they didn't do their job. If they would have fixed this there would be no problems. Now I am out of warrenty and only want this fixed. Should I be penalized and made to pay $100s because it is out of warrenty. No! I will keep you posted since sometime this week I will bring it in to the Apple store in SF and make my case. Wish me luck!

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