Thursday, November 9, 2006

Things Are A Changing

Yep, another blog! I am in LA on business and during a long day filled with many meetings I catch a whole bunch of news. Rumsfeld is out, the Republicans lose control of the Congress and Ed Bradley passes away. All are huge on their own, but happening all within 24 hours is just crazy. For a mid-term election this much change is amazing. It all goes to prove the power of the people and the immense power we have to change what we don't like. This change is something we need. This administration has created quite a mess, with no clear idea of how to clean it up. This election clearly showed that the country wants changes now. Maybe they won't be better, maybe they will, but change is the only way of hoping to improve this mess. Maybe Bush should have worried less about internet gambling and more about the war in Iraq. Don't we all feel better that we can no longer gamble on the web, NOT. What will tomorrow bring?

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