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Paul Stanley, The Fillmore - November 13, 2006

Paul Stanley, The Fillmore
San Francisco, CA
November 13, 2006

I started to write this review by running down the setlist and talking about each song, but then started to think about what was really important to me as fan. With the internet we all know what the setlist was going to be before arriving. So what is important? How much fun it was and how Paul made me feel. The rock and roll experience. Music and rock and roll is about the feelings in your gut, your soul, and your heart. It..s not about technical perfection; it..s not about looking for mistakes. It..s about raising your fist when you are 42 and going YEAHHHHH!

I was lucky to be able to see Paul on his first solo tour back in 1989. I was living in Chicago at the time. When I heard he was touring I had to go. The nearest show was in Detroit, so it was a road trip. I was in awe at that show, basically third row in a club watching Paul Stanley perform a show he wanted to perform, they way he wanted to perform it. Fast forward to 2006. When I got word that Paul was definitely touring to support his second solo album ..Live To Win.. I knew I had to go. This time I didn..t have to travel very far, maybe 20 minutes from my home to the legendary Fillmore.

Paul is definitely the king of the stage. He just started the show by walking up to the microphone and talking to the crowd. No grand entrances, no pyro, no effects.. he didn..t need them, he..s Paul Stanley of KISS. What more of an intro is needed? His command and confidence is so apparent out of makeup. He looked great and moved great out of the makeup and costume. I have to be honest and admit that more than once during the show I wondered what do I need the makeup and costumes for. This felt good, this was new and exciting.

It was great to experience Paul so casually interacting with the audience. Not the choreographed feel of a KISS show. This was just natural; this was a rock show as it is meant to be.. a tight band, great songs, intimate venue and an unlimited supply of energy. Paul was responding to his environment, letting it guide the show. The humor he displayed on stage had me laughing and smiling. Paul made it feel like I was watching him perform in my living room. I have always felt that Paul was the heart and soul of KISS, in 1989 I saw my first proof, and in 2006 he cemented that feeling forever. During this show I got to see the heart and soul of Paul, a musician. A musician who wants to perform and wants to be creative. A musician who truly feeds off of and needs the fans in the audience. This is rock and roll.

It has been amazing to grow up with Paul Stanley and his songs. The first time I heard many of the songs they were just great kick ass songs. But as I have grown older and experienced things in life.. some good and some not so good, those songs took on a whole new meaning and were elevated to a new level. ..A Million to One.. was originally a great heavy tune, but hearing Paul sing it live brought out the lyrics and I found myself standing there getting absorbed into the song because I could relate to it, what a feeling. The song that will always send shivers up my spin is ..I Want You... That was the very first KISS song I heard, on the very first KISS album I bought. The moment that song starts I am taken back 30 years to the exact moment and place I dropped the needle onto side one of ..Rock and Roll Over... At the Fillmore Paul brought me back once again. Damn, what a feeling. That is rock and roll.

If you were hoping for a play by play review, too bad. I am not a musician, I am not a completeist needing every detail. I am a music fan who wants to see a live show by a performer that wants to be on stage, who needs to be creative. I truly hope for all those fans that didn..t have the chance to rock with Paul; that this tour will pick up again in the near future. I for one know I want more Paul Stanley being creative on tour and on album.

God it was so incredibly refreshing to see this show. I remember reading a great quote, ..We do not stop playing because we grow old. We grow old because we stop playing... Thank you Paul.

P.S. Thanks Paul for requesting that I write this review for

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