Monday, August 21, 2006

Back home

Back home from Hawaii, what an amazing trip! Five days in Oahu! Spent one day over on the big island touring the Volcano National Park. My new picture is taken on a lava flow. It is so hard to describe what it is like to walk on old lava flows. Very hard to top something as exciting as that, but swimming with sharks did. Saturday we spent a half hour in a shark cage three miles off the North Shore of Oahu surrounded by 15-20 sharks, 10-12 feet long. Total rush! Just before leaving the cage one shark bit through one of the ropes connecting the cage to the boat and got hooked, the shark then started to pull the cage under on one side. We weren't too scared, but the crew on the boat wanted to get us out pretty fast. I will post some photos later this week.

Tomorrow is day one at my new gig with Gamelink. I am very excited about this job and company.

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