Saturday, September 2, 2006

Rasmus and Kill Hannah

Drove up to Santa Rosa last night to catch The Rasmus, Kill Hannah and Lostprophets in concert at the Last Day Saloon. Great show! I have been waiting a long time to see The Rasmus live and it was worth the wait. I just wish they could have played longer. Hope they come back soon. Kill Hananh were also great. I have missed them the last few times they cam through San Francisco. I am planning to catch them in October when they play in San Jose with HIM. After the show we got a room at Hotel La Rose, a very nice old style, classic hotel. Do yourself a favor, go out and get the latest albums by both The Rasmus and Kill Hannah.

Currently listening :
Hide from the Sun
By The Rasmus
Release date: By 04 October, 2005

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