Sunday, August 13, 2006

Hawaii Next Week

Damn, why are the W and Q keys right next to each other on the keyboard! I meant to close a window in my browser by hitting CMD W, and hit Q instead... which quits the application! It quit before I could save my blog entry, so now I have to remember what I typed and do it again.

Next Wednesday I am off to Oahu, Hawaii for a short vacation before I start my new gig at Gamelink. Lyndsey is going along and it is going to be an amazing trip! We are going to fly over to the Big Island and spend the day touring the volcano -- which I guess just started erupting alot again. Another day we are heading up to the North Shore to swim with sharks. Well swim in a shark cage with sharks, but that is going to be wild crazy!

A couple very cool shows are coming to the Bay Area in the next couple months. Up first is Kill Hannah, The Rasmus and LostProphets. I love both Kill Hannah and The Rasmus and have been waiting a couple years for The Rasmus to tour the US. Then comes a Halloween show with Kill Hannah, LostProphets, Papa Roach and HIM.

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