Tuesday, November 7, 2006

Death of a President

Heart pounding and chilling. Last night I watched the movie Death of a President after hearing some buzz about it. It really hit me. The 10 second recap... President Bush is assassinated in Chicago, they quickly "associate" it with Syria using some very weak evidence. At the same time another person of interest is ignored. This person finally commits suicide and his suicide note states how he is blaming Bush for the death of his son in Iraq. A innocent person is convicted for the murder, because this person is who the government needed to convict. It had to be a terrorist group, not a lone citizen. The movie had me completed focused and pulled in. They filmed this using real footage from various events and this lends to the realism. My heart was pounding while watching the assassination happen. It was sad, but completely believable that this how things would play out. As much as I want to see President Bush removed, I don't want it to happen like this.

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