Sunday, November 18, 2007

"Respectfully, the internet is almost useless."

"Respectfully, the internet is almost useless." - Gene Simmons.

This just goes to show how much Gene's opinions are without any value. He might as well be giving us medical advice, he is just as qualified.

Check out a few more great quotes from his Letters section.

"file sharing has succeeded. And the result is the end of a chance for a new band to have a chance." - I agree, they have no chance if they try to embrace the old music business. If they are willing to evolve and try something new they can succeed.

"New bands don't have a chance or an industry to support them. And the same people who love the music, killed it." - They have a new industry to support them, and they have their fans -- if they treat their fans with respect and don't threaten to sue all of them. Don't put the blame on the fans I am sure there are some old, high payed record executives who have some fault.

"The fact is, an entire generation has decided to steal the music and the result is, over a million people are losing their jobs in the record industry. Literally." - Again, I would love to know where this over a million lost jobs comes from.

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