Sunday, September 16, 2007

EON Records Website Launched - My Latest Project

The EON Records website is live. This is the latest website project that I worked on. I spent a couple months working very closely with John Thayer to completely rebuild the site. It was a great experience, John was very clear about what he wanted, and this made the rebuild very easy.

KISS Guitarist Tommy Thayer Re-Launches EON Records Website

Posted by on Thursday, September 13, 2007 at 17:07:49 EST

EON Records, founded by KISS guitarist Tommy Thayer and his brother John have launched a new website here. A label profile is as follows:

Portland, Oregon natives Tommy and John Thayer have long been aware of the depth of the local talent in the Northwest. Seeing their own music as well as the music of their local friends mature over the years, they were determined to find a vehicle to cultivate and promote the growing bond that was developing between this close-knit network of entertainers, musicians and friends. With that common thread in mind, they established EON Records in Portland in the late 1990's. Success soon followed with the buy-out and national release of EON band Slowrush by Epic Records, and the EON release of several other local Portland artists.

Going forward, the sights of the label extend far beyond its geographic origins as the company seeks opportunities to nurture, mentor, record, and publish new up-and-coming talent as well as established artists and bands that are looking for a place to call home. EON Records is well connected in the recording, publishing, distribution, and promotional aspects of the music industry and seeks - through collaboration - partnerships that can further the cause of credible local and national talent.

For 25 years, Tommy Thayer has made a successful professional career as a musician, songwriter, and producer. Most notably, Tommy is going on his fifth year as lead guitarist of the legendary rock group, KISS. Along with his "spaceman" persona onstage, Tommy has produced many of KISS's critically acclaimed, multi-platinum DVDs, pay-per-view television specials, and many VH1 and MTV KISS special features. As a songwriter, Tommy penned most songs on four records for BLACK N' BLUE, his 1980s hard rock band, released on Geffen Records, as well as several co-writes with KISS later. Tommy continues with his interest in helping inspire young kids; with a commitment to support school programs, particularly in music. He has arranged for new musical instruments to be donated to jump-start ailing school band programs in Oregon, and appeared at schools speaking to students with hopes that they will follow their dreams and accomplish all that they aspire to do.

In the past, John Thayer has made music his avocation while owning and managing two successful business products companies. After growing his first company into the largest independent supplies and furniture dealer in the N.W. Region, the business was sold to U.S. Office Products in 1996. His second company was founded in 2001, and has grown into one of the largest independent office product dealers on the West Coast with sales offices in Portland and San Francisco. John has continued to nurture his passion for music over the past ten years becoming a dedicated singer and composer while writing and producing his own library of songs.

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