Sunday, August 5, 2007

Sitting in Ft. Lauderdale Airport

I am sitting in the Ft. Lauderdale airport waiting for my 4:30pm flight home, going through Denver. It is HOT and HUMID here, 95 but feels more like 105. What an adventure this trip turned into.

Everthing started last Thursday night catching 10:30pm red eye flight, going through Philly. I didn't book this trip myself because I sure wouldn't have gone through Philly. I arrived in Ft. Lauderdale around 12 noon on Friday. It was not the most direct route, I was probably in the air close to 8 hours. Landing in Ft. Lauderdale is when the adventure really begins, because US Airways didn't have my luggage, as well as the luggage of about 20 other people on the flight. There was plenty of time for the transfer in Philly, I guess one cart of luggage was just forgotten by the ground crew. Ok, it wasn't lost and was to arrive on the next flight in about 45 mins and they would then send it to my Hotel, The Westin Resort and Spa in Hollywood. Didn't happen quite like that. During the day I checked or tried to check multiple times on the status. The phone at the airport they gave me to call was never answered and the toll free number could only say they has no tracking details and the maybe it would show up. By 8pm with no luggage, getting very pissed at US Airways (your customer service is really BAD!) I decided to head to Walmart and buy some clothes. Remember is HOT and HUMID on the beach and I only have blue jeans and a long sleeve black shirt. Plus I had been in these clothes for 48 hours. I get some shorts, shirts and sandles and feel much better. Guess what, around 2am my luggage shows up. Better late than never.

This turned into another wild business trip. The hotel was amazing, right on the beach. The event had the entire hotel so things were pretty loose. Pictures will be coming in the next couple days from the wet t-shirt contest and 4 hour boat ride.

One activity from the trip that was the coolest was a half hour ride in a 47 foot high speed race boat. This boat has 3 1200HP engines and can hit 12oMPH. I stood in the left position next to the driver. Braced in very tightly and grabbing on even more tightly. We hit about 90MPH and flying over 6 foot rolling waves. We were moving so fast that I couldn't focus on the waves approaching. By time I saw one we were already past it, things were just flying by.

Check out this live webcam of the hotel pool and beach, this is what my room overlooked.

Now I have two hours to kill in the airport before my flight. At least this flight is much more direct and about half the flight time of coming out.


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