Friday, July 13, 2007

Drunk B logging

New concept, drunk blogging! What do you post after you have had more Jack and Cokes then you can remember ( or at least it hurts too much to think hard enough to figure out!).

3:28am, back at the Hard Rock Hotel. I don't want to go to bed quite yet, because the bed just might start to spin and we all know that is not good! Just got back from a great evening at Treasures (Gentlemens Club) and Empire Ballroom (Metal Skool... F*&King Metal Rules!) Had a 24 oz Rib Eye at Treasures that was amazing! For dessert (too S's because you want seconds!) I enjoyed the buffet of 5 dances. Thanks Uncle Mike!! From there the limo took us to Empire Ballroom for the Players Ball featuring Metal Skool. The first band just plain BLEW! Metal Skool rocked dude! I was right up front fist in the air and head banging! Check out just one of the pictures from their show.

OK I need to stop because my fingers are not typing what my brain wants!

Oh yeah, this was all my job... I was working, I swear!

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