Thursday, March 29, 2007

In Phoenix Right Now

I arrived in Phoenix this morning. The flight was uneventful expect for the fact I had a head cold and on the decent into Phoenix the pressure in my ears really built up. Not really painful since I was chewing gum like a cow chews chud. Unfortunately the rest of the day I was walking around with my ears stuffed up and having a hard time hearing things. This evening the hotel was really kind enough to have the shuttle van drive me to a Walgreens where I purchased Sudafed. I am going to be taking these EVERY four hours until my head is clear. It has to be unstuffed by Saturday night when I fly back, otherwise it will be painful descending into Oakland. I took the first two Sudafed an hour ago and it does already seem to be clearing things up.

Why am I in Phoenix? On business for the Phoenix Forum. The event is taking place in a hotel right next to the ASU stadium. The event has taken over the entire hotel, which is good considering some of the things that I have already seen. :)

I had a couple meetings already today, but placed calls to a number of people I need to meet with tomorrow. It is so odd where you find new business. On the way over to Walgreens an older gentlemen was in the van and we started talking and he and his daughter run a number of websites that would be ideal for online stores. On another trip in the van we met someone from Costa Rica who has original content they are looking to license.

Anyway, these events are always HUGE parties that last 24 hours. But, if you work them properly you can find real business opportunities.

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