Friday, March 9, 2007

Can Not

This morning while reviewing blogs and online news at work I came across this amusing blog post by John Bone.

It was a simple request, “Go to the FedEx office and get a small box so I can send some documents to the States tomorrow”, except this is Thailand.
Chuck and Mook jumped onto one of the motor cycles and took off.
about 20 minutes later Chuck called from the FedEx office.
“They won’t sell me a box, they told me to go to the post office”
“No, they give them for free, just ask for a small box”
“They won’t give it to me”
“Why not?”
“Don’t know they just say, ‘can not’”
“You are in the FedEx office?”
“And they won’t give you a box?”
“No. I mean yes”
“OK, ask them if they will ship my documents to America,”
A moment of silence
“OK, ask them what they would like me to put the documents in”
“A box”
“OK, good now ask them for a box”
“Can not”
“What the fuck is going on are they stupid, let me talk to them”
A longer moment of silence
“They won’t talk to you”
“OK, ask them if they won’t give us a box how can they ship my documents”
“They don’t know”
“OK ask them for a box”
“Can not”
I am starting to get a little edgy
“OK ask them if they will not give you a box how can we ship the documents”
“They don’t know”
“Do you see any boxes”
“Hundreds of them”
“OK, ask them what the boxes are for”
“For shipping documents”
“Ask them if you can have one as you wish to ship some documents”
“Can not”
“Ask them how they ship documents if they won’t give you a box to ship the fucking documents in”
“They don’t know”
“Go to DHL”

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