Monday, February 19, 2007

Yeah It's Hair Metal

So what, beats the crap out of rap... rap is crap. There was a band called Valentine that I saw perform at the Concrete Foundations Forum in the late 80's. I described them as a heavy metal journey. Unfortunately they never amounted to much. Well they are reuniting for the Firefest Festival in England, Nottingham Rock City on Saturday October 27. Below is the press release for their performance.

Valentine's self titled debut album, despite not getting the attention it deserved upon it's release, is quite rightly revered as a classic of the era. Peppered with up tempo feel good rock songs and heartfelt balladry, tracks such as 'No Way', 'Tears in the Night' and 'Nobody Said it Was Easy' conjure up images of stadium rock as it should be. Led by Hugo Valenti, Valentine were compared to Perry era Journey, Hugo's voice and looks bearing an uncanny resemblance to the legend himself.
Valentine were pushed by the record company, having a number of tracks featured in the hit movie 'Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead', but changing musical times meant the band, despite recording a fantastic album, were lost in the mix.
Valentine morphed into Open Skyz and released a self titled album in 1994 which once again contained a wealth of stunning tracks, but alas the band called it quits shortly afterwards. Hugo has continued to release albums, in fact the self titled debut 'Hugo' featuring Vinny Burns and Gary Hughes can rightly be described as a latter day classic. For the first time in 15 years, Hugo, Adam Holland, Craig Pullman and Gerard Zappa will appear live on stage as Valentine at Firefest 4.
The set list is being debated by the band, but Gerard has insisted it will encompass Valentine, Open Skyz and even a couple from the debut Hugo album. Another definitely not to be missed.

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