Sunday, February 25, 2007

Van Halen, Is It Over or Is It Planned?

It's Official: Van Halen Tour Called Off
February 22, 2007
Earlier this week, multiple sources were reporting that the Van Halen reunion tour with David Lee Roth had been "postponed indefinitely." Now Rolling Stone says that it's official: the tour will not be happening at all. The magazine cites a memo informing Live Nation employees simply that "the Van Halen tour has been shut down." Some other reports have said there may have been "contractual issues" surrounding the tour and a deal with Live Nation never fully materialized.

Also, a new Van Halen best-of disc highlighting the Roth years was set to be released by Rhino Records this fall, to capitalize on the tour and the band's induction into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Now Blabbermouth reports that the compilation has also been "indefinitely postponed."

The next issue of Rolling Stone is slated to have a feature on the band, and excerpts have already appeared on from a new interview with Roth, along with the first group shot of the new lineup.


So, is it really over for the Van Halen tour or is this all part of a great marketing plan? There was great demand for this tour, but imagine what might happen to demand if the plug gets pulled and then band works out their problems and announces the tour is back on. Fans will have to go to this show the first chance they have because it could self destruct at any moment and end. But the reality is the band is in it to the end and this drama was just part of a great plan to create demand for something that could disappear at any moment. Don't think something like wouldn't be possible. Keeping the truth quiet would be very difficult, but when there are 10s of millions of dollars riding on this tour you bet they will try anything to make is a success. We will have to wait and see just what happens, but don't be too shocked if the problems are all worked out and the Van Halen tour returns. Then again, maybe Eddie Van Halen is completly F'ed Up!

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